Are you tired of dragging yourself through each day?

Do you wish you felt energized, relaxed, and happy instead of tired, stressed, and miserable?

Join Brooke Adams Law and Caroline Garnet McGraw for a four-week online course, Protect Your Energy: Stop Draining and Start Living.

Protect Your Energy will teach you to change the thoughts that keep you stuck in a cycle of overworking, underplaying, and neglecting yourself physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

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How will we work together?

Protect Your Energy is a four-week online course. Each week is comprised of a one-hour teaching video (released on Mondays) plus a daily email on that week’s theme, sent Tuesday through Sunday. The emails unpack the content from the week’s lesson and offer daily inspiration and practice exercises.

Weekly Themes

Week 1: Thinking about Change: Taking Inventory
During week 1 we’ll admit how we’re really feeling, examine the thoughts that are dragging us down, and vividly imagine how we want to feel.

Week 2: Laying the Groundwork for Change
During week 2 we’ll examine how to change habitual patterns, question our thoughts, get to know ourselves better, and develop tools and strategies for habit change.

Week 3: Enacting Change: Creating boundaries
During week 3 we’ll learn about what boundaries are and are not, examine points of anger to identify where our boundaries need to be strengthened, and start setting healthy boundaries.

Week 4: Traveling the Change Spiral
During week 4 we’ll examine the spiral nature of change and discuss strategies to help us when we slip back into old habits and patterns.

About Us

Brooke and Caroline are creatives who have dealt with health issues exacerbated by stress and perfectionism. And they happen to be best friends in real life, which just adds to the fun.

Brooke Adams Law is a writer and life-coach-in-training. Serious health problems in her late twenties forced her to confront the thoughts that were holding her back, such as, “Everyone else can do it all - why can’t you?” and “I have to work, no matter the cost to my physical and mental well-being.” Brooke is passionate about helping women get unstuck and leave unhelpful thought patterns behind so that they can lead vibrant, fulfilling, beautiful lives.

Caroline Garnet McGraw is like Dory from Finding Nemo - she has a kind heart, lots of enthusiasm, and a tendency to forget what she knows about the journey home. Fortunately, writing helps her to remember. As a writer and speaker, she helps fellow recovering perfectionists get past perfect and rise up real. Debilitating fatigue and chronic health issues dogged her heels for years … and they also helped her to let go of a lot of people-pleasing, emotional caretaking, and generalized insanity.

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No-Refund Policy: We're so psyched to welcome you to Protect Your Energy! This is just a quick heads-up that we have a no-refund policy for this course. We stand by the course and its content. If you show up for the calls (whether live or recorded), if you read the emails and complete the exercises, and if you truly show up for yourself, examine your beliefs, and let go of old habits and patterns, we believe that you will experience an increase in energy and a decrease in stress and fatigue. If you commit to yourself, we believe this course will make a difference in your life. But only you can commit to yourself. Since the course calls are recorded and the emails will be sent to your inbox, you can always access the content at a time that is convenient for you if circumstances prevent you from participating as the course runs. If you're not sure whether the course is right for you, email caroline[at]awishcomeclear[dot]com.

Disclaimer: Brooke Adams Law and Caroline Garnet McGraw are not licensed healthcare practitioners. They do not render medical, psychological, or other professional advice or treatment, nor do they provide or prescribe any medical diagnosis, treatment, medication, or remedy. The information provided in this course is for informational purposes only and should not be considered to be healthcare advice or medical diagnosis, treatment, or prescribing.